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Traveller Awareness Courses

Our team of experienced, seasoned travellers and safety professionals, offer an intensive, one-day safety and awareness course that will set up any prospective traveller for their upcoming trip, and especially targets the increasing need for gap year travel preparation.  The Traveller Awareness Course is a unique offering from Salient Security Ltd. It is designed to prepare individuals who are about to embark on a new travelling experience, whether long or short.

The course has been taken by a wide range of individuals, from gap year students embarking on their first foray into lone travelling, to overseas journalists braving dangerous conflict zones, to celebrities taking on the wild world of travel documentaries.It is geared to providing all of the knowledge and confidence required to take those fun and exciting trips into the unknown.

Our Travel Awareness course will provide you with the tools that you may need if you are planning on travelling whether alone or within a team of people.

Before You Go:
To cover all of your pre-departure preparations, you’ll be encouraged to research and consider basic information such as local laws, cultures, and customs, as well as advised on potential terrorism and security risks. We’ll talk about basic provisions, including travel insurance, documents, and financing, and give advice on keeping in touch and staying healthy.

Over There:
This section of the course looks at practical topics such as, where to stay, how to manage your money, safe food and water practices, and local authorities. You’ll find out how and where to get help if you need it, how to contact the British consulate and embassy, and how to handle corruption or bribes should you encounter them.

Keeping Yourself Going:
We will provide you with information on incident management, including first aid and how to recognise and deal with medical issues such as shock, altitude sickness, and other ailments. By the end of this section, you will be fully aware of best practices in terms of health and hygiene. You will be knowledgeable about everything from bugs and bites to sunburn and dehydration.

What to Take & How to Look After It:
To help you to ensure that you are as prepared as can be, you will be briefed on what kit to take, what to pack, and what to wear, no matter the occasion. We will teach you how you can keep your belongings safe and well-maintained, from footwear and clothing to medical kits and everyday gadgets.

Getting About:
We will give you advice on the travel do.s and dont’s of taxis, public transport, driving and more. You’ll learn about the issues faced when hitchhiking, backpacking, and travelling with new people, as well as a little about survival navigation.

Keeping Safe:
Enjoyment whilst you’re travelling is important, but not more important than safety! Security awareness, danger avoidance, diffusing confrontational situations, and coping in dangerous situations, whether environmental or social will be taught. We will also cover international rescue signs and signals and drug and alcohol awareness.

Gender Specifics:
This section of the course was developed by a female solo traveller who has travelled across Europe, America, Asia, and Africa. This section is a little more specialised, and covers varying cultural attitudes towards women, sexual harassment, and other common female travel issues.

At the end of the course an open forum will be held, where any additional questions can be asked and all candidates will receive our exclusive aide memoire. Participants will also be given email support for 6 months post course date, including up-to-date security alerts and destination advice.

The course runs in both Cardiff and Newport, however if you require a bespoke course just for you or your team, we will be happy to discuss this (highlight discuss this to be a contact form)

Latest dates will be given on enquiry. It is a one full day course starting at  9am and finishing at 6pm.

How much:
For an individual participant, the fee is £160. For a group of two, or to include a parent or partner, the fee is £250. All fees include lunch.

Pete Meadows-Smith is an individual with a huge amount of professional experience and competence that can add value to any service that he provides for you. 

He is tenacious and thorough and always goes that extra mile for his clients to ensure complete satisfaction. Pete is also a very likeable guy. He is genuinely a nice person and that not only naturally comes over very well, it immediately puts people at ease, builds rapport and leads to a great working relationship or training experience for whomever Pete is interacting with.  

I can highly recommend Pete as someone to do business with. 

“I’ve known Pete from when we worked together in our former lives. Pete is a brilliant operator & communicator & generally an all round great guy! “

Doug Melia, International Use of Force & Soft Restraint Specialist

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