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Safety Pods

The Safety Pod is designed specifically as a physical intervention tool to help reduce injury to your staff and others from those that display challenging behaviour.

UK Safety Pod Training

As the exclusive supplier of The Safety Pod, Salient Training & Consultancy can provide you with the pod and training bespoke to your needs.
As sole providers of The Safety Pod and trainers in this package throughout Wales and the South West of England, and highly recommended and endorsed by Dr Anthony Bleetman PhD FRCEM:DipIMC RCSEd The Safety Pod is designed to reduce the trauma and stress induced by normal physical intervention techniques.

Read the expert medically endorsed report by Dr Anthony Bleetman.

The benefits of the Safety Pod in Physical Intervention incidents has a significantly positive outcome on staff who are involved in de-escalating situations, especially in clinical environments.  Organisations such as the Priory Group Trusts and NHS Trusts throughout the country utilise it to calm situations that include, but not limited to those who have been medically assessed for eating disorders, elderly care, children’s services such as CAMHS, Mental Health Departments. We are raising awareness and for it to be used as a pilot scheme into the prison services and police custody units.

Benefits of The Safety Pod include:

  • Reduction in time and injury to clients

  • Improvement of client care and staff moral

  • Removes the risk of positional asphyxiation

  • Engineered and built to high robust standards

“I believe that this product is likely to enhance the safety, reduce injury and render restraint a less unpleasant experience for the subject and for staff.”

Dr Anthony Bleetman, Consultant

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