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Conflict Management, Enforcement & Physical Intervention Training

Conflict Management (CM) & Enforcement Training. (inc Penalty Charge Notices-PCN’s)

This two tier course raises participant’s understanding of how they impact to either de-escalate or escalate an incident. Participants will learn and practice skills through sessions and role play to build their confidence, remain calm, take control of a situation and de-escalate customer conflicts through effective problem solving. Enforcement Training is becoming widely adopted by Councils throughout England and Wales (Well-being of Future Generations Act 2015) to meet Government demands on Crime & Disorder and Environmental Issues. Enforcement action should form part of a more holistic approach that integrates prevention, collaboration and partnership working. Educating members of the public to successful prosecutions in Criminal Courts.

Modules covering with introduction of “Broken Windows Theory” (Wilson & Kelling, 1982)

  • Background to conflict – triggers, stages and point of no return.

  • Recognising rising tensions and anger – flashpoints and non verbal communications (NVC’s)

  • Responding – human natural response to conflict.

  • Management – control of situations, handling verbal and physical abuse and problem solving.

  • Introduction to Law covering the current offences dealt with by Councils inc PACE 1984.

  • Situational Awareness and the reactionary gap.

  • Issuing FPN’s

  • Interviewing.

  • Statements

  • Evidence gathering inc RIPA

  • Exhibits & file preparation

  • What makes a professional Enforcement Officer.

Physical Intervention and Control & Restraint

Typically used by staff at Care Homes, Schools and Mental Health units. Both the private and public sector opt for their staff to be trained as part of their duty of care as an employer. Simple Breakaway techniques can be put into place to ensure that staff are removed from any harm they may face. Staff are adequately prepared for situations that can lead to injury to themselves and / or others due to others’ actions. The physical intervention training techniques by Salient Security Ltd. team include gross motor skills that can be easily learned, and more importantly retained for when needed. An annual refresher is recommended and documentation to complete staff CPD.

Staff Support at Court

Post incident report / statement writing and support at court
Salient Security provide post incident report or statement writing along with support for court appearance.
None of us want to think of the consequences when a person in our care sustains injury or worse. Various regulatory bodies and police investigations with staff suspensions/detentions and the organisation being highlighted in the media are just some of the issues faced.
We will help alleviate the stress, advise and assist in post incident reports and statements. Our team’s background provides a wealth of experience of dealing with such incidents, therefore we can provide invaluable and cost effective support to staff and the organisation, prior and during any court hearings.

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