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Legal Services

Process Serving

Salient Security Ltd offers process serving and statement writing services across the UK. We do so with the highest level of professionalism and discretion, so that you can be confident in leaving everything in our capable hands. At all times, we strive for flexibility, timeliness, and diligence, making us the ideal choice when it comes to handling your most important, and often most urgent, legalities.

Our process serving provisions include, among others:

  • Bankruptcy Petitions

  • Committal Notice

  • Claim Form

  • Divorce Petition

  • Family Proceedings

  • Freezing Order

  • N39 Order to Attend Court

  • N79a Suspended Committal Order

  • N84 Interim Third Party Debt Order

  • Non-Molestation Order

  • Notice to Quit

  • Notice Seeking Possession

  • Residence Order

  • Occupation Order

  • Prohibited Steps Order

  • Possession Order

  • Statutory Demand

  • Subpoena

  • Winding Up Petition

  • Witness Summons

We offer full flexibility and are able to meet you at your property, our own premises, or a mutually convenient location. Our customer service team accepts calls during evenings and weekends, and we offer same-day services anywhere within England and Wales, with a 7 day service worldwide. Attempted service can be provided within 2 hours of receipt and you will receive immediate notification of successful service, as well as immediate registered delivery of documents to your office or home upon completion. All servings are fully backed up with affidavits, and statements of truth and certificates of service will be prepared and sworn within 24 hours and returned to you immediately.

Statement Writing

Our professional, competent staff have been trained to a high standard by Gwent Police, Gloucestershire Police, and South Wales Police, and can undertake evidential statement writing for you and your clients. With a breadth of experience in both civil and criminal law, we fully understand the importance of attention to detail and are aware of the various ‘points to prove’ that are often so critical to the effectiveness of a statement. We offer the ultimate in versatility, willing to interview at a location that is best for you, whether that be your home or office, our office, or any other suitable location.

Pete Meadows-Smith is an individual with a huge amount of professional experience and competence that can add value to any service that he provides for you. 

He is tenacious and thorough and always goes that extra mile for his clients to ensure complete satisfaction. Pete is also a very likeable guy. He is genuinely a nice person and that not only naturally comes over very well, it immediately puts people at ease, builds rapport and leads to a great working relationship or training experience for whomever Pete is interacting with.  

I can highly recommend Pete as someone to do business with. 

“I’ve known Pete from when we worked together in our former lives. Pete is a brilliant operator & communicator & generally an all round great guy! “

Doug Melia, International Use of Force & Soft Restraint Specialist

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