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About Salient Security Ltd

As a sought-after Security and Training company, we at Salient Security Ltd. pride ourselves on giving a professional and personalised service to each and every client. We get to know you, your priorities and your needs. Providing a premiere service and advice to fully meet you and your organisations requirements. No two assignments are the same so every member of our team is hand-selected, in order to provide you with the most suitable agent(s) for each project requirement.

Directing the company, from ground-level with a hands-on approach, is Peter Meadows-Smith, who has over 35 years’ experience in Security and Training from specialist UK Military, Police services and as an Enforcement Officer. Peter’s vision for the company is one of a personalised approach with attention to detail, providing the best service and forging ahead with the best practices to suit each clients needs. Every client feels confident knowing they are in good, dependable and competent hands at all times. A high standard of customer service is key, and this is an attitude that has to be passed by every officer on the team.

Salient Security Ltd. offers a variety of bespoke Security and training services. If we haven’t mentioned the service that you are looking for, give us a call on 0333 939 8689

Pete Meadows-Smith is an individual with a huge amount of professional experience and competence that can add value to any service that he provides for you. 

He is tenacious and thorough and always goes that extra mile for his clients to ensure complete satisfaction. Pete is also a very likeable guy. He is genuinely a nice person and that not only naturally comes over very well, it immediately puts people at ease, builds rapport and leads to a great working relationship or training experience for whomever Pete is interacting with.  

I can highly recommend Pete as someone to do business with. 

“I’ve known Pete from when we worked together in our former lives. Pete is a brilliant operator & communicator & generally an all round great guy! “

Doug Melia, International Use of Force & Soft Restraint Specialist